Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Eagles Become Vultures

One of the main thing that unites all of the deathriders is a love of music. All of us have played in multiple bands and been record collectors since we began buying them. To say that music is a constant inspiration for the deathriders is an understatment. I have spent most of my adult life following the Hardcore and Metal scene and trying to make my own small mark on it. 

One of the people I have admired and respected through the years is Jacob Bannon. That should come as no surprise to some of you as Jacob is the man behind our teams inspiration...Deathwish Records. He reminds me a lotof myself in his demeanor and creativity on and off the stage. 

Have a look into who and what inspired us

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's Just Not Everything...

Lets be honest our content here has been lacking as of late. So I figured I'd set you up with another place to waste some time out there in the cube farms. It also occurred to me when hanging out with m.rider recently... He might have a doppleganger out in the cycling world.

{this man on the far upper left  corner...none other than the unprofessional cyclist himeself}

Those who know m.rider what do ya think? Am i crazy?

I enjoy the ramblings of the angry bike messenger/unpro cyclist so much that I'm stoked to ride with his doppleganger. If you don't know the beauty that is dicky... Find out what you've been missing.

since we can't seem to go a post without some kind of musical fodder.
Another old stl hardcore kid who likes bikes

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Family Tree

While it may be hard to find folks who meet our strict guidelines to wear the mark of Death... Okay, wait who am I kidding our selection criteria is more about a bunch of things not even related to cycling. That being said the pack in black will be adding a new man to the fold this year. Currently living in the 618... 'm.rider' as he shall be named... goes back quite aways in St. louis cycling and even better than that, St. Louis Hard Core.

m.rider and I met in our teens, and have attended many a girls private school dance and countless punk rock shows. He's had his own college radio show and hair almost as long as j.riders. I know his record collection to be large and his love for Quicksand strong. He may have been in the 'Youth Crew' but the man makes a mean Gin and Tonic now. It's with that grand introduction he is now part of the family tree.

I'm excited to have the opportunity to help get him back out on the bike and maybe to a few events.

Welcome to the Family