Friday, January 30, 2015

Out Of Step Podcast Episode 1

Hello, to those tens of people that read this blog.   k.rider and I have started a podcast that can be found on Mountain Bike Radio.   Thanks to Ben we bring to you the Out Of Step podcast.  The Out Of Step podcast will feature our two biggest passions.  Mountain Biking and music. The details of our first episode can be found in our post below. If you like what you hear let us know in the comments section.  If there is something that you want to hear let us know too.   Please support us and all of the podcasts at Mountain Bike Radio.   Where else are you going to get real mountain bike content from real people?

Here is a teaser for our next episode.

j.rider out!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Episode 1 ~ Out Of Step

Sick Of It All ~ Last Act Of Defiance

Available everywhere on Century Media Records

Cult Leader ~ Nothing For Us Here

Available everywhere on Deathwish Records

Lamb Of God ~
Agnostic Front ~
Will Haven ~
Mutoid man ~
Cult Leader ~

Bands on the road:
for more updates and more info visit the bands websites listed below
Converge ~
Ultraman ~
Machine Head ~
Rhett Miller ~

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Carry The Torch

In the last year we haven't had a whole lot to publish. It was a pretty busy year for me... unfortunately most of it was not bike related. Jen and I bought our first house in April. Next, came moving two apartments into one house in early may, followed by cleaning, organizing and decorating. Well, she is still decorating actually or maybe always decorating is a better way to put it. I did manage to get in the miles and do some racing, just not what I had planned. Living with another person sure will bring certain things to light. My constant restless nights and awful sleep pattern, landed me in a sleep study. Her nudging got me to check out what I had already feared, sleep apnea. Thankfully, my sleep is greatly improved, even if I am a 'Hose head' now. She, then urged me to seek out a new knee specialist and have my bunk knee looked at...Again...

You see...I have been dealing with a torn meniscus in my left knee for the last five years or so. While it may seem crazy to go that long without getting it fixed, I had my reasons. This tear was discovered just weeks after a surgery I had for another repair those five years earlier. My confidence in the doctor I had been using was lost so I decided to just gut it out for awhile. That plan worked for alright but, it has just been getting worse and worse the last year. I started the process in September, the usual steps. Office consultations, x-rays, MRI's and then the results. It was brought to my attention, I know had two more tears in my medial meniscus, quite a bit of inflammation and arthritis. That makes the grand total of tears in my left medial meniscus six, not really something to be proud of. Looking at the best options for an active forty-something I decided to go under the knife a third time, it's a charm. Well lets hope so anyway.

That brings us up to today, just at five weeks post surgery. Everything, is going very well and with any luck I will be on single track in a few weeks. I look forward to getting back out on the bike regularly and the blogging too.
Till then, I am forced to figuratively 'carry the torch'