Monday, July 6, 2015

EPISODE 4 : ‘The R in the Star’

Agnostic Front‘s Roger Miret and Vinnie Stigma will be the subject of a an upcoming official full-length documentary titled ‘The Godfathers Of Hardcore‘. A crowdfunding campaign for the feature is currently running via Kickstarter. Ian McFarland is spearheading the doc with production having already begun. McFarland said of the campaign:“Unlike a large number of Kickstarter projects, our production team has already begun filming the movie and have shot a good amount of footage. We need this Kickstarter to help us with getting our film team over to Europe to travel with Agnostic Front at the end of May.” A fall 2016 release date is planned for the feature.

Modern Life Is War will celebrate the tenth anniversary of their sophomore album “Witness” with a new reissue on June 02nd. Deathwish Inc. will be handling the release, which features a new remastering job done by Brad Boatright. New packaging and liner notes have also been assembled. The group will be overseas shortly and follow up those dates with a US run at which they will play “Witness” in its entirety:

Mutoid Man have debuted a new song of theirs titled “Sweet Ivy“. It will appear on “Bleeder“, their new album out June 30th on Sargent House.

Burn‘s May 17th reunion show at the ‘Black N’ Blue Bowl‘ at Webster Hall in New York City, NY will see the group joined by some familiar faces. Joining frontman Chaka Malik (Orange 9mm) and Gavin Van Vlack in the outfit are former bassist Manny Carrero (now of Glassjaw) and current Glassjaw drummer Durjah Lang

Live rehearsals for Poison The Well‘s live return this year have begun and the band have shared the below photo from their first practice since announcing their plans. Look for dates and tour info to be released soon.

Bitter End are offering a stream of “Sting Of Betrayal” from their new album “Illusions Of Dominance“, which itself is out June 30th on Deathwish Inc.

The daily lineups for the 2015 ‘This Is Hardcore Fest‘ have been revealed the Festival dates are July 23-26 in Philadelphia, PA. Some of the bands on this years awesome line-up include: Snapcase, Chokehold , Code Orange, Misfits (“Earth A.D.” in full), Cro-Mags, American Nightmare, Bane, Killing Time, Code Orange, Exploited, H2O (20th anniversary show)Negative Approach

A remastered reissue of Cave In‘s “Creative Eclipses” EP was just released via Hydra Head Records. Available on colored vinyl, it will also feature 3 bonus tracks:

Funeral For A Friend have scheduled a June 15th release date in their native UK for the release of their new live DVD, “Hours – Live At Islington Academy“. As the title reveals, the effort will focus on a full-album performance of the bands 2005 effort, “Hours“. That set took place at the Islington Academy in London, UK back on April 25th, 2014. End Hits Records will be handling the release with CD/DVD,

Agnostic Front have released a music video for their song “A Wise Man“. Matt Henderson
(ex-Madball, etc.) guests on the track. The bands new album “The American Dream Died” is available now.

A new Baroness album is only a few weeks away from being finished according to guitarist Pete Adams. Speaking recently with Noisey, Adams said of the progress: “We’re actually in the studio right now. We are probably three weeks into getting this new record near its completion. And it’s going really well.”When asked of the direction of it, he offered: “Well, I will say this: Not to give too much away, but this record, it’s a rocker. We definitely did a lot of experimenting with “Yellow and Green“, and a lot of ideas that we wanted to just get out. We were on a writing streak that year, so we just absolutely were cranking out songs. We have a new rhythm section now, and it’s the first time we’ve written with the new rhythm section. So we had a little bit of a hump to get over. And once we did everyone was super excited. It’s a rockin’, uptempo record. I’m excited about it. We’re all pretty stoked.”

Noisey have had Judge‘s own Mike Ferraro tell the tale of the influential hardcore band. Through a four episode series titled “There Will Be Quiet – The Story of Judge”

High On Fire have announced a June 23rd release date for their new album “Luminiferous” via eOne Music. The band recorded the effort at GodCity Studios with Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou taking on the production duties.

Ex-Gallows frontman Frank Carter will have the debut release “Rotten” from his latest outfit Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes in stores on May 04th in his native UK.

A third song from Coliseum‘s new album “Anxiety’s Kiss” has been made available online. The track “Course Correction” went up over at Stereogum today and can also be found below. “Anxiety’s Kiss” will see a May 05th release date on Deathwish Inc.

Baptists have released a demo recording of a song they had originally written for their album 2013 album “Bushcraft“. The song is titled “The Opposite Of Loneliness” and the group said of it: “This is a song that we demoed for Bushcraft, but never ended up recording. In my opinion, it doesn’t even sound like a Baptists song”

Wisdom In Chains have a new album “The God Rhythm“, due out June 30th on Fast Break! Records.

Faith No More‘s North American touring plans have been bolsted by a new leg of summer dates which will include support from none other than Refused.

Darkest Hour will be bringing their 20th anniversary tour overseas in June with a number of full album performances of their “Undoing Ruin” album. June 12 - June 21

Poison The Well have announced a club show and are due to play the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY on May 15th with Code Orange. The show will apparently mark their much anticipated live return and serve as a warm-up for their appearance at the 2015 ‘Skate And Surf Festival‘, which takes place May 16th-17th at the Asbury Park Oceanfront in Asbury Park, NJ.


Violent Reaction - Marching On
Released 4/23/15
Second full length album for the band (first with a full band)

Originally conceived and executed as a one-man project by Tom Pimlott on the banks of the Mersey River in Liverpool, England, Violent Reaction recorded a demo in 2011, an EP in 2012 and an LP for Painkiller Records in 2013. Soon after, Tom relocated to Leeds to assemble a full band with an end result that finds the lads playing straight edge, hardcore punk with an obvious oi influence. With a lengthy American tour with their brother band The Flex under their belt, Violent Reaction is set to make their Revelation Records debut with "Marching On."

Drowningman - Rock And Roll Killing Machine
Released ?/?/00
First full length for the band

Drowningman was a hardcore punk band from Burlington, Vermont, which was active from 1995 to 2005. Formed in the fall of 1995 by Simon Brody, Denny Donovan, Javin Leonard, Dave Barnett and Todd Tomlinson, the band was heavily influenced by a variety of bands including Deadguy, Unbroken, Shotmaker, Unwound, Sunny Day Real Estate and Promise Ring. This musical amalgamation helped to pioneer the modern metalcore and mathcore musical subgenres. The band was known for revolving membership and frequent record label changes.

Production of the Rock And Roll Killing Machine record began in Washington, D.C. at the Salad Days Studio. A great deal of technical difficulty was encountered; Simon Brody had claimed in interviews the stressed work environment caused the tempo of many of the songs to rush and that record lost some of the previous efforts melodic counterpoint. Still, it was well received, earning a 10/10 in respected extreme music magazine Terrorizer and finding its way into many publications' top ten lists for 2001.

JUDGE - Bringin’ It Down
Released ?/?/89
First full length studio album for the band

The band received lots of criticism due to their militant Straight Edge lyrics, especially from fanzines like San Francisco's Maximum Rock'N'Roll. The militant lyrics were a conscious move on the band's part, as they were sick of seeing bands like Youth Of Today, who in reality had a very positive message, get slagged for being too militant. So they decided to give the nay-sayers exactly what they wanted – the most militant Straight Edge band imaginable. Mike Ferraro has later on admitted that provocation was an important aim for the band. Judge was not just heavy in message, the music had very metal-influenced riffing, but remained close to its hardcore roots, without going all out metal, such as bands like Agnostic Front.

With a new line-up of Sammy Siegler on drums and Matt Pincus on bass, the band proceeded to record their full-length LP Bringin' It Down for Revelation Records at Chung King Studios in New York City. The recording was finished, but the band were so unhappy with the result that they decided to scrap it, after thousands of dollars had been spent on it. Since there had been substantial pre-orders of Bringin' It Down the label printed 110 copies of the rejected recording under its alternate title, Chung King Can Suck It (LP). It was given to people who had pre-ordered the record, and with only 110 copies pressed (all on white vinyl), it is one of the most sought-after hardcore records in existence, going for as much as $3,350.00+ USD on online auction sites such as eBay. Bringin’ It Down was re-record it at Normandy Sound in Rhode Island, where The Cro-Mags had recorded their Best Wishes album.