Monday, February 22, 2016

The Discipline

I have been traveling back down this road for sometime...
I'd say it goes back nearly four years now. 
I can't say for sure what started the ball rolling, regardless the facts are this. 
At forty one I am back, to living a fully plant based, straight edge lifestyle. 

The facts are this... I come from a family with addicts and alcoholics on either side. I've witnessed this first hand from my own mothers lifelong struggle with food addiction. Watching a loved one slowly die each day by the choices they make is difficult. My own struggles with severe anxiety and depression should have sent me down the path of addiction. Somehow, I was able to avoid the pitfalls of youth and took shelter in music and skateboarding. Sure, I had plenty of opportunities to head towards the things I chose to avoid. 
For whatever the reason, I just found strength in not staying away from those things. The music scene would give me a group of like minded folks and community to be part of. My teenage years and into my early twenties were particularly rough. Having the support of that scene was sometimes the only sense of family i felt. I have since come to find a spot in my own family, even if I still feel like an outsider most of the time.

What does any of this have to do with bike racing or cycling? Nothing... I guess.
Other than committing to something and seeing it thorough to the end. I spent countless hours over the last few months researching new recipes and reading lots about training and plant based diets. 
It really has taken me back to a place in time.
 those years in the mid 90's when I flew the VEGAN Straight Edge flag.
It has been part of a walk down the same path and part new beginning. 
The experience has been incredibly positive thus far, I hope to keep the PMA as the years move on.

So with all that rambling out of the way...